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Professional Profile


Representative Partner


特許、商標を扱う松山弁理士·Registered patent attorney since Nov.1972 (Reg.No.07612)
·Qualified as attorney for patent litigation (Feb. 2004)




  • Shizuoka University, B.S. in mechanical engineering, School of Engineering
  • Chuo University, Bachelor of Law
  • Kowa Co., Ltd., engineer,Involved in development of X-ray cameras, laser tracing apparatus, and other optical instruments
  • Kyowa Patent and Law Firm, patent enginner,Fields: mother machinery, heavy automobiles, packages and packaging machines
  • Unuma & Associates, patent attorney,Fields: precision measuring instruments, automobiles, motorcycles, household electronic appliances, marine engineering, mother machinery, factories
  • Trainee at Spensley, Horn, Jubas & Lubitz, Los Angels, U.S.A.

Special Fields at MTS Partners:

·Medical instruments / materials ·Business models
·Lenses ·Clean room conveyors
·Carrier cars ·Optoelectronics
·Cryogenic technology


Corporate Managing Members


·特許、商標を扱う高矢弁理士Registered patent attorney since Dec. 1975 (Reg.No.08045)
·Qualified as attorney for patent litigation (Jan. 2004)
·First grade official licensee for handling radioactive materials(No.5066)




  • University of Tokyo, B.S. in engineering physics of applied physics division, School of Engineering
  • Yokogawa Electric works Co.Ltd., enginner,
    Involved in development of radiation measurenment instruments and analyzers
  • Unuma & Associates,patent attorney,
    Fields: automobile engines, fuel injection systems, ignition systems, power steering, semiconductors, materials, image-processing, ultrasonic waves, measuring instruments, micro-computer controlled systems, rolling machinery, continuous casting machinery, nuclear reactors

Special Fields at MTS Partners:

  • Measuring instruments(using light, laser, ultrasonic waves, etc.)
  • Control (for rolling machines, continuous casting machines, printing machines, etc.)
  • Semiconductor circuits
  • Optoelectronics
  • Image-processing
  • Business models and traveling salesman problems
  • Experienced in litigation involving patent infringement, US patent litigation, US ITC litigation, German patent litigation, licensing with foreign companies.



特許、商標を扱う藤田弁理士·Registered patent attorney since Jan.2006 (Reg.No.14429)
·Registered professional engineer in civil engineering(steel structure and concrete) since Nov.2001 (Reg. No.46781)



  • University of Tokyo, B.S. in metal engineering, School of Engineering
  • University of Tokyo, M.S. in metal engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, R & D, engineer,
    Involved in research and development of reinforced composite Carbon fiber materials
  • Licensed hazardous material officer (Class A)
  • Patent engineer
    Experienced in preparing patent specifications in the fields of electronic materials, semiconductors, and LCDs.

Special Fields at MTS Partners:

  • Civil engineering
  • Electronic materials
  • Industrial machinery



特許、意匠、商標を扱う須藤弁理士・Registered patent attorney since Dec.2006(Reg.No.15022)
·Qualified as attorney for patent litigation (Feb. 2008)




  • Graduated from the University of Tsukuba, Third Cluster of Colleges with a degree in Engineering Sciences.
  • Graduated from Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering with a master degree in Sciences and Engineering, the University of Tsukuba.
  • Engaged in research and development of x-ray optical systems, computer input devices, sensor modules, and thermoelectric devices at Seiko Instruments. Inc.
  • During the period, obtained licenses of person responsible for handling poisonous or deleterious substances, Class A fire protection engineer type four, class one health supervisor , second class boiler operator, operation chief of the work with x-rays, and operation chief of the work for handling specified chemical substances.

Special Fields at MTS Partners:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Module
  • Device
  • Control systems