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Business Outline



(1)Preparation of patent and utility model applications for Japan and foreign countries in the following technical fields:

Mechanics and Mechatronics

Mother machinery Power machinery
Hydraulic devices Transmissions
Precision machinery Automobiles
Construction machinery Civil engineering
Railways Factories
Mechatronics Actuators
Household electronic appliances
Audio, visual, and sound equipment

Physics, Electrics, Electronics, Measurement, Controls and Date Processing

Business models Traveling salesman problems
Environmental protecton technology Optoelectronics
Lasers Sensors
Semiconductors LCDs
Materials Image processing
Data storage media Magnetic disks
Opitical disks Magnetic heads
Capacitors Superconductors
Cryogenic technology Biotechnology
Medical instruments / materials Ultrasonic waves
Car electronics Computer programs
Measuring instruments Analytical instruments
Nuclear power technology Radiology

(2) Preparation of design, trademark and service mark applications for Japan and foreign countries.

(3) Consulting for Intellectual Property and for Subsidy, Search, Licence, Appeal, Expert opinion, Opposition, Answer to opposition, Patent Litigation in Japan and foreign countries. Litigation under the Unfair Competition Prevention Law.